About Me

Our Story 1Pen & Paper Designs was born in the wee hours of the morning, when the sky- still dusted with stars- begins to lighten and the birds start singing their songs. I had just finished putting my son in his cradle when I became overcome with a sense of longing. Surely there must be something I could do during those long dark nights of motherhood. Something meaningful that would reach others with similar stories. Thus the seeds of a creative adventure were sowed and watered, and eventually flourished.

What became a way to fill the hours of nap time and bed time, gave rise to one of the grestest enterprises, besides marriage and motherhood, in my young life.

Pen & Paper Designs is a handletter and graphic design based shop that seeks to spread love around like glitter. You’ll find a myriad of motivational and inspirational quotes perfect for the nursery, entryway or mantel that will surely delight your family and friends. Let us be a part of your world, and your wall!

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